Piano duo

Snežana Nikolajević and Vesna Kršić

Piano duo as a form of chamber music teaching

In the last time popularity of piano duo is increasing more and more. Two performance modes – two pianos and piano four hands playing - differ essentialy in historical and professional view i.e. in amateur treatment. In 20.th century the double piano sound is considered as an unique acoustic source.

Piano Duo as a Reflection of the General Music Evolution


„In spite of its long history, piano duo has become an important aspect of music creation only in the 20th century.“

Published by Composers Association of Serbia in 1990. Author Snežana Nikolajević

Extracts from the reviews

„Vesna Kršić and Snežana Nikolajević, this time in the imaginative and inspirational creation of the Poulenc's Concerto for Two Pianos, showed a developed piano technique, certainty of performance, confidence, continuity and a logical approach in revival of their conception.“

„The Kršić-Nikolajević duo has not only a high degree of harmony in making music together, frankness in expression, and a respect for the sound of chamber music, but also a pleasure and joy in the actual performance.“

„The first part of the concert was thoroughly dedicated to the performance of the great Hindemith's Sonata. The vital parts of this complex work were comprehended in their entirety and understanding in logical shaping of profile and the atmosphere of each movement in relation to the whole structure.“