Piano Duo as a Form of Chamber Music Teachnig

Author Vesna Kršić


In the last time popularity of piano duo is increasing more and more. Two performance modes – two pianos and piano four hands playing  - differ essentialy in historical and professional view i.e. in amateur treatment. In 20.th century the double piano sound is considered as an unique acoustic source.

Piano duo playing  is based on the experience of piano practice and chamber music performance. The obtained success is due to mutual accomodation as well as to complete  identification with the way of performance. For mutual work the psychic property of each individual is more important than the same piano technic.

In the teaching of chamber music the conception of phrasing and ornamentic has to be attuned. It is necessary to pay attention to the pedalisation. The repertoire ought to include different styles and original pieces for two pianos also for one piano four hands. The last ones have to be performed at one instrument obligately.

The interest for this ensemble is increasing in our country and the pieces wtitten by Yugoslav authors are available in a good number.

Published in "Tones" music teacher’s rewiew, no 7 Zagreb, 1988.